I am so honored to lead Afghanistan Legal Research and Development Organization (ALRDO). ALRDO was established in 2018 for the purpose of promoting rule of law and justice and advocating for legal professionals through standardized and high-quality legal research, professional trainings and workshops, academic publication and symposiums, and roundtables and dialogues. By these means, ALRDO intends to create atmospheres for legislators, legal scholars, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, law and Sharia professors and students to professionally interact, exchange views, recommend policies and reforms, establish professional ties, and accommodate to positive criticism and change.

Since the interim government in 2001, Afghanistan has witnessed dramatic development in the area of promulgation of laws, particularly the ratification of the 2004 Constitution, and establishment of the justice institutions. As a nature of law and institution building; however, these need close watch and attention to avoid contradictions, maintain harmony, best serve the society and individuals, effectively tackle challenges, and well respond to the new circumstances. Through its highly-qualified and professional team and by every mean at its disposal, ALRDO will leave no stone unturned and will pave the way to materialize all these mentioned initiatives.

During its one year active age, ALRDO has successfully conducted several constitutional law conferences, academic publications, and specifically training workshops to empower Afghan Women Judges Association (AWJA).

It is my sincere pleasure to say that ALRDO serves as a second home for all legal professionals and academics and strongly considers their shared experiences, inputs, advices, and recommendations when it carries out its activities and conducts its programs.

I am looking forward to seeing an Afghanistan where peace is sustained, social order is maintained, justice is guaranteed, and, finally, the law is respected.


Warmest Regards,

Professor Dr. Luforahman Saeed

ALRDO Executive Director